Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight is the monthly newsletter of the SD34 Motorsport Group.

The intention is to publish Spotlight on the last day of each month. It is emailed to SD34MSG delegates to distribute to their Club Members.

Motorsport looks to be making a limited return
• Under 17MC (NW) have an AutoSOLO & PCA organized for the 18th July and 12th September and an AutoSOLO / Autotest & PCA on 19th July and 13th of September at J4 on the M65
• Kirkby Lonsdale MC have the ‘Devils Lockdown Tests’ on Monday the 6th of July at Rowrah Kart Circuit at Frizington, Cumbria
• Harlech & DMC have a Forest Rally Time Trial organized for the 1st of August
• Clitheroe & DMC have applied for a permit for their Burnt House Car Trial at Ingleton on the Sunday the 2nd of August
Reports and photos from the above events wanted please.

PLEASE continue to e-mail Reports, Jokes, Photographs & Articles etc. to Maurice Ellison at: