About SD34

History of the SD34 Motorsport Group

The SD34 Group was founded in 1964 to help promote cooperation between the motorsport clubs of the northwest and took its name from the fact that the founding clubs (Longton, Clitheroe, Caldervale & Mullard 2300) were all based in the area of the SD34 group of Ordnance Survey maps. The four members became six, then ten. Today there are 33 member clubs.

The group coordinates dates and events to prevent clashes and provide mutual support in the areas of entries and officials. One of the group’s main aims was to promote “friendly rivalry” between the clubs and to this end, various championships evolved reflecting the many branches of motorsport taking place within the SD34 area. An Interclub League was also devised and to this day is keenly fought out each year to try and become the top club in the group.

Noting the fact that motorsport could not take place without the many people who officiate and marshal on events a marshals championship also runs annually. The group also act as a collective voice to air the views of its member clubs, and their members, to other associations and the motorsports governing body. Several members have also represented grassroots motorsport by sitting on the Motorsport UK specialist committees.

Clubs wishing to join may do so by invitation and therefore clubs who may wish to become members should initially make themselves known to the secretary or chairman.

Championship Rules & Regulations, Constitution and GDPR Policy.