DRAFT 2024 Event Calendar

2024 DateDisci plineClubTitleVenueChamp ionshipLea gueMarsh als Champ2023 Date
05-Feb-24ScatterKnutsford & DMCScatter TW241KnutsfordNoneNN
11-Feb-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
25-Feb-24Autosolo/ PCA/ AutotestBoundless By CSMALymm FebruaryLymm Truck StopNon R/RYY12-Feb
02-Mar-24Road RallyKnutsford & DMCTour of Cheshire RallyCheshireRoadYY04-Mar
03-Mar-24Stage RallyPDMC / GPMCLee Holland RallyAnglesey CircuitStageYY05-Mar
04-Mar-24ScatterKnutsford & DMCScatter TW242KnutsfordNoneNN
8/9 March 24Stage RallyKirkby Lonsdale MCMalcolm Wilson RallyCockermouthStageYY11-Mar
9-Mar-24Awards eveningAccrington11-Feb
16-Mar-24Touring AssemKnowldale Car Club LtdJohn Clegg Mini MigliaNoneNN18-Mar
17-Mar-24AutosoloKnutsford & DMCNew Year Autosolo & PCAWrexhamNon R/RYY
23-Mar-24Stage RallyMotor Sport (North West)Legend Fires North West StagesMyerscough College, GarstangStageYY
23-Mar-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCA/StreetCarWern DduNon R/RYY
24-Mar-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
06-Apr-24SprintLongton & DMCAnglesey Spring Sprint 1Ty Croes, AngleseyS&HCYY01-Apr
07-Apr-24SprintLongton & DMCAnglesey Spring Sprint 2Ty Croes, AngleseyS&HCYY02-Apr
08-Apr-24ScatterKnutsford & DMCScatter TW243KnutsfordNoneNN
14-Apr-24Stage RallyStockport 061 MCAltratech SMC StagesAnglesey CircuitStageYY16-Apr
21-Apr-24AutosoloBoundless By CSMALymm AprilLymm Truck StopNon R/RYY23-Apr
22-Apr-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCGrass Autotest GA 231 & PCAKnutsfordNoneNN
25-Apr-24HillclimbLongton & DMCManx Classsic Event 1Isle of ManS&HCYY
26-Apr-24HillclimbLongton & DMCManx Classsic Event 2Isle of ManS&HCYY
27-Apr-24Track DayLiverpool MCAintree Test/Track Day 1AintreeNoneNN29-Apr
27-Apr-24HillclimbLongton & DMCManx Classsic Event 3Isle of ManS&HCYY
06-May-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCGrass Autotest GA 242KnutsfordNoneNN
12-May-24Stage RallyWigan D.M.C.CompBrake Stages3 Sisters, WiganStageYY14-May
18-May-24SprintLongton & DMCBlyton Sprint 1BlytonS&HCYY13-14 May
18-May-24Stage RallyKnutsford & DMCPlains RallyBalaStageYY20-May
19-May-24SprintLongton & DMCBlyton Sprint 2BlytonS&HCYY13-14 May
19-May-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
25-May-24SprintLiverpool MCAintree Spring SprintAintreeS&HCYY27-May
03-Jun-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCGrass Auotest GA 243 +PCAKnutsfordNoneNN
15-Jun-24HillclimbLiverpool MC / KLMCBarbon Hillclimb 1Barbon, Kirkby LonsdaleS&HCYY10-Jun
16-Jun-24AutosoloBoundless By CSMALymm JuneLymm Truck StopNon R/RYY21-May
16-Jun-24SprintLongton & DMCThree Sisters Early Summer Sprint3 Sisters, WiganS&HCYY11-Jun
23-Jun-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCTim Sargeant Autotest & PCAWrexhamNon R/RYY26-Jun
29-Jun-24SprintLiverpool MCAintree Summer SprintAintreeS&HCYY24-Jun
30-Jun-24PCAWarrington & DMCGrass/Shale PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
01-Jul-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCGrass Auttotest GA244 = PCAKnutsfordNoneNN
13-Jul-24HillclimbLiverpool MC / KLMCBarbon Hillclimb 2Barbon, Kirkby LonsdaleS&HCYY15-Jul
13-Jul-24Touring AssemPendle & DiMCSummer TourNoneNN18-Jun
14-Jul-24ShowKirkby Lonsdale MCThe Car's The Star ShowHolkerNoneNN
21-Jul-24SprintLongton & DMCThree Sisters Summer Sprint3 Sisters, WiganS&HCYY03-Sep
04-Aug-24Stage RallyPDMC / GPMCHeroes Stage RallyWeeton BarracksStageYYCanc elled
05-Aug-24AutotestKnutsford & DMCGrass Autotest GA 245 +PCAKnutsfordNoneNN
11-Aug-24AutosoloBoundless By CSMALymm AugustLymm Truck StopNon R/RYY13-Aug
17-Aug-24Track DayLiverpool MCAintree Test/Track Day 2AintreeNoneNN19-Aug
25-Aug-24Stage RallyKirkby Lonsdale MCPendragon StagesWarcop StageYYCanc elled
31-Aug-24SprintLiverpool MCAintree Late Summer SprintAintreeS&HCYY02-Sep
01-Sep-24SprintLongton & DMCThree Sisters late Summer Sprint3 Sisters, WiganS&HCYY22-Jul
14-Sep-24SprintAintree Circuit ClubOcean Sprint Revival Southport - 2024SouthportS&HCYY17-Sep
15-Sep-24Autosolo/ PCAU17MC(NW)Blackburn Autosolo & PCABlackburn Services - (M65, J4) BB3 0ATNon R/RYY09-Sep
15-Sep-24Targa Road RallyHexham & DMCKielder Targa RallyKielder Forest NorthumberlandRoadYY
15-Sep-24HillclimbPendle & DiMCScammonden Hill ClimbScammon den DamS&HCYY18-Jun
15-Sep-24ShowAintree Circuit ClubSouthport Classic and Speed ShowSouthportNoneNN
22-Sep-24Touring AssemKirkby Lonsdale MCThe Little Devils TourKirkby LonsdaleNoneNN
29-Sep-24Targa Road RallyHexham & DMCKielder Targa RallyNorthum berlandRoadYY
05-Oct-24SprintLongton & DMCAnglesey Autumn Sprint 1Ty Croes, AnglesesyS&HCYY30-Sep
05-Oct-24Touring AssemKnowldale Car Club LtdKnowldale Autumn TourMilnrowNoneNN07-Oct
06-Oct-24SprintLongton & DMCAnglesey Autumn Sprint 2Ty Croes, AnglesesyS&HCYY01-Oct
07-Oct-24ScatterKnutsford & DMCScatter TW244KnutsfordNoneNN
11-13 OctStage RallyMull Car ClubMull RallyIsle of MullStageYY13-15 Oct
13-Oct-24Stage RallyWigan D.M.C.Adgespeed Stages3 Sisters, WiganStageYY08-Oct
20-Oct-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
20-Oct-24AutosoloKnutsford & DMCKnutsford JubileeWrexhamNon R/RYY22-Oct
04-Nov-24Road RallyKnutsford & DMCScatter TW 245 KnutsfordRoadYY
16/17 November 24Road RallyRegardless Motor Club Steven Gornall Memorial Rally Preston RoadYY23-Apr
17-Nov-24Targa Road RallyKnutsford & DMCTarga RallyBradfordRoadYY19-Nov
24-Nov-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
06-Dec-24ScatterKnutsford & DMCScatter TW236KnutsfordNoneNN
08-Dec-24PCAWarrington & DMCGravel PCAWern DduNon R/RYY
Cance lledStage RallyWarrington DMCQuestmead3 Sisters, WiganStageYY
TBCAutosolo/ PCABolton-le- Moors CCAutosolo /PCA3 Sisters, WiganNon R/RYY05-Feb
TBCTouring AssemLancashire ACSt George's Day RunLancs & YorkshireNoneNN23-Apr
TBCCar TrialAiredale & PennineClassic TrialPateley BridgeNon R/RYY07-May
TBCTouring AssemLancashire ACFellsman Classic Car RunNoneNN13-May
TBCHillclimbMGCC (NW)HillclimbScammon den DamS&HCYY14-May
TBCTouring AssemLancashire ACLAC Kendal 100 LancashireNoneNN18-Jun
TBCStage RallyWCMCGreystoke StagesGreystokeStageYY02-Jul
TBCTouring AssemLancashire ACCoast to Coast Classic Car RunLancaster to YorksNoneNN08-Jul
TBCTargaHexham & DMCNorthern Dales Targa RallyRoadYY16-Jul
TBCCar TrialAiredale & PennineHaw Pike Car TrialAddinghamNon R/RYY22-Jul
TBCHillclimbMid-Cheshire MCHillclimbScammon den DamS&HCYY30-Jul
TBCTargaStockport 061 MCMOCP 061 Targa RallyWeeton BarracksRoadYYCanc elled
TBCRoad RallyClitheroe & DMCClitheronianLancs Cumb, YorksRoadYY23-Sep
TBCTouring Assem2300 ClubAndy Mort TourClitheroeNoneNN21-Oct
TBCStage RallyBolton-le- Moors CCNeil HowardOulton ParkStageYY04-Nov
TBCRoad RallyClitheroe & DMCPrimrose RallyLancs Cumb, YorksRoadYY11-Nov
TBCAutosolo/ PCABolton-le- Moors CCAutosolo /PCA3 Sisters, WiganNon R/RYY10-Dec
TBCStage RallyManx Auto SportManx RallyIsle of ManStageYY12-13 May
TBCRoad RallyHexham & DMCJohn Robson RallyNorthum berlandRoadYY18/19 Feb
TBCStage RallyMull Car ClubArgyllDunoonStageYY23-24 Jun
TBCRoad RallyMatlockRally of DerbyshireRoadYY25/26 Feb
TBCStage RallyManx Auto SportChris Kelly RallyIsle of ManStageYYCanc elled
TBCStage RallyClitheroe & DMCHall TrophyWeeton BarracksStageYYCanc elled
TBCRoad RallyAiredale & PenninePennine Targa & Classic RallyRoadYYCanc elled